I am a visual artist based in Peterborough, Ontario. I received by BFA from NSCAD University in Halifax with a major in jewellery and metalsmithing. Recently I have been working in sculpture, installation and mixed media. I have exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout Canada and in the United States.

As a sculptor, I engage with a wide range of techniques and materials, including woodworking, upholstery, textiles, glass, paper, ceramics and thread-based works. By presenting the familiar in unfamiliar ways and juxtaposing mass-produced objects with handcrafted pieces and embellishments, I’ve explored the associations that people have with various objects and materials. My work is process based and my ideas develop and evolve as I’m practicing a technique or working with a new material. I tend to follow the experimental stage in a work and that leads me to the end result.

I am interested in materiality, physicality and lived experience.  I have created sculptures and installations that emphasize and exaggerate the accumulation of objects in our personal spaces and acknowledge the transience of these objects. I am also interested in exploring the tension between order and chaos, creating a balance between collection and accumulation, mess and structure. In my recent work I am focusing on growth and expansion and leaning into present moment awareness. I am playful in my approach and want to create work that envelopes the viewer. I am embracing colour and form in my work as a way to embody these ideas and create a visceral response in the viewer.

I gratefully acknowledge the support of the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts



I can be contacted by email at carolyn.code(at)gmail.com


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