Curatorial statement for Tangle 

An outdoor exhibition of sculpture, animated film, and performance, Between the Lines is a group show that asks three artists to respond to questions posed and opportunities presented my “in-between” spaces. Tangle is an outdoor installation by Carolyn Code. Carolyn has worked with thread in two previous gallery exhibitions to sculpt space into geometric shapes. In both cases, thread pulled tight heightened the works dynamic energy, spanning up and across and behind scenes laden with domestic objects. Here, a thicker, more colourful string becomes the focal point of Tangle in a new exploration of public, outdoor art. Taking advantage of a quiet nook, slightly hidden from bustling downtown streets, Carolyn constructs a feast for the eyes through carefully measured angles and disappearing edges that draw viewers into a cycle that repeatedly returns to a crocheted centre then expands to the full extent of the piece. Nearby, surrounded by public, private, community, and commercial buildings, Jackson Creek passes by the piece as it meanders through downtown. Interwoven with the fabric of the city, it invites contemplation, much like the work itself.

– Hannah Keating